Gecon – Good Consulting for Sustainable Success in Business.

Are you striving for sustainable growth, real profit increase, a higher company value and thus long-term existence of your company?


Gecon develops efficient strategies such as «The Way» and «The 5 Keys», which lead also your company to business excellence and sustainability.


We are at your service in Switzerland or elsewhere for matters such as:

  • Optimization of quality and satisfaction of employees
  • Reduction of personnel turnover
  • Definition of the right targets (management by objectives and values)
  • Optimization of customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Improvement of efficiency of processes and sequences
  • Increase of sales and profit
  • Optimization of image and reputation
  • Capital procurement and optimization of liquidity
  • Optimization of the range of products and services
  • Optimization of efficiency of marketing and sales
  • Reduction of overhead costs
  • Corporate and financial services of various kinds

Contact us, we will be pleased to show you efficient ways to your target.


Added Values
Success Kurssteigerung Nachhatigkeit

Growth and especially sustainable growth is of utmost importance for your company. Thereby it is not just a matter of «more and more» as so often ...


Sustainable and verifiable added values in the form of clear, convincing and measurable client benefits should be reflected in every problem solution and in ...


Sustainability is the future promising and compliant planning and development of a company by «long-term economical, ecological and social engagement» ...