The 3rd Key: Marketing Intelligence

The optimization of the entire marketing mix, particularly the intensification of the market development and treatment, the implementation or intensification of Neuromarketing, the selection of the right target groups, the focussing of the marketing and sales activities on these target groups, the market-needs-oriented extension of the product range by intensified innovation, the optimization of the price-performance design of the offering as well as the optimization and empowerment of the sales force.


Marketing intelligence increases your market presence, maximizes the effect and the success of your marketing and sales resources and brings better results:

  • more turnover
  • higher margins resp. profit contributions
  • bigger customer portfolio
  • stronger customer loyalty

By this means you achieve two-digit turnover growth rates after only a short time. And this without increasing the marketing and sales expenses! We make this possible by consistently synchronizing all market and customer treatment activities and aligning them with the earning potentials of the various customers segments.


In Marketing Intelligence we focus on three areas:

  • Targeted Market Development
  • Optimal Price-Performance Design
  • Sales Excellence


Targeted Market Development

Targeted Market Development essentially includes the identification of market opportunities with potential to fast growth, the orientation of the market treatment on profitable customer segments and the implementation or intensification of Neuromarketing. Thereby we especially focus on the following:

  • continual and targeted identification of market gaps and growth areas;
  • continual and targeted determination of market key indicators, market positions, market and customer wishes, needs and motives;
  • clear market- and product-oriented and operationally applicable customer segmentation;
  • potential- and needs-oriented market and customer treatment with corresponding optimization of the entire marketing mix, especially focusing on the communication mix and the introduction of Neuromarketing;
  • integrated customer relationship management (CRM) with focus on strategically relevant and profitable customer segments;
  • monitored, controlled and optimized customer profitability;
  • targeted elimination of bottlenecks and weaknesses within the customer buying cycle.

With the right combination of these approaches we support and assist you in consistently aligning the existing marketing and sales resources with the defined success target. Thus, the effect of the available marketing and sales resources are considerably increased and the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing and sales expenses (marketing and sales spend effectiveness) substantially improved.


Acting accordingly to the market needs instead of reacting on competition activities.



Optimal Price-Performance Design

Optimal Price-Performance Design is to us, when the offered products and services have an excellent price-performance ratio not only from the point of view of both the market and the customer, but also from the point of view of the company. In terms of designing the optimal price-performance ratio we therefore focus primarily on the following issues:

  • structured and intensified innovation;
  • design of the range of products and services tailored to the market requirements and customer needs;
  • benefit-oriented tightening of the offering to maximize the profitability;
  • survey of the product and service quality (e.g. by «mystery shopping»);
  • methodical pricing (price finding, setting and positioning) to fully exploit the customers’ willingness to pay;
  • uniformed and transparent price and calculation structures;
  • development of instruments for price assertion.

By these approaches we enable our clients to gain advantage by innovation as well as the quick and successful launch of new products and services consistently aligned with the market and customer needs and disposing of a profit-maximized pricing.


Apple – one of the most successful company in the world – is the best proof that advantage by innovation is the crucial factor for success.


Who for too long tans his body deedless under the sun of success will sooner or later get burned.



Sales Excellence

We speak of Sales Excellence when the sales organization, quality, competencies, processes and channels are so aligned with each other that a maximum striking power with simultaneously high customer satisfaction is achieved. In this context we focus specifically on the following sales aspects:

  • optimization of the sales support especially for advice-intensive products and services (customer- and solution-oriented sales);
  • qualitatively high-ranking, competent, effectively and efficiently operating as well as correctly dimensioned sales organization with flexible dimension model;
  • proper shaping of the sales processes within the area of conflict between transactional and relational sales processes;
  • sales channels aligned with the optimized sales processes;
  • clear and praxis-related management, steering and control instruments;
  • target-oriented leadership of the sales force based on management by objectives and values as well as the right rewarding system;
  • sustainable activation and enabling (empowerment) of the sales force;
  • implementation of effective, sustainably sales-promoting campaigns in order to reactivate the sales of certain products taking account of the entire marketing mix (sales boost);
  • increase of the sales efficiency by improvement of the cross-selling rate.

The tailored and well-balanced shaping of sales processes and sales organization guarantees our clients an optimal exploitation of the sales potential.



Resulting Client Benefits

  • You identify and leverage market opportunities more quickly
  • You know your positions within the consensus of market and competition
  • You know the wishes, needs and motives of the market and your customers
  • You focus more on profitable customer segments
  • You increase the effect of your marketing and sales resources
  • You improve the «marketing spend effectiveness»
  • You improve your innovation ability
  • You are more concentrated on profitable products
  • You have products with better price-performance ratio
  • You launch products and services faster and more successful
  • You have a product range which is better aligned to the needs of the market and your customers
  • You have a profit-maximizing pricing
  • You have a maximum striking power on the market
  • You have a higher satisfaction your customers
  • You have an optimal exploitation of your sales potential