What are «The 5 Keys»?

By implementing «The 5 Keys» we lead you on «The Way» to business excellence and sustainability and thus contribute actively to higher added values and sustainable growth.


«The 5 Keys» are mutually complementary components. On «The Way» to real and sustainable growth and hence to higher company value «The 5 Keys» are interrelated and build a circle which finally closes after the successful implementation of the last key «Performance Management».



The 1st Key:  Leadership Competencies

We provide for «real» leadership competencies, so that the «human capital» – the most important asset of a company – can be secured and kept. more ...



The 2nd Key:  Strategic Agility

We provide for strategic agility and flexibility, so that within a continuous improvement process the strategy can be permanently adapted to the constantly changing market conditions, market needs and customer wishes. more ...



The 3rd Key:  Marketing Intelligence

We provide for marketing intelligence, so that the constantly adapted strategy can be brought among the people respectively to the right target groups. more ...



The 4th Key:  Lean Management

We provide for «slenderness», so that processes, procedures, structures, organization, resources, expenses and costs can be kept lean, flat, efficient, effective and productive, and thus to achieve «zero-waste» added value and hence better quality, earning power, profitability and competitiveness. more ...



The 5th Key:  Performance Management

We provide for systematic, comprehensive, efficient and effective measurement, steering, evaluation and controlling of the performance on all levels, whereby corporate governance as well as management by objectives and management by values are integral parts, which however is not possible without «real» leadership competencies – thus completing the circle of «The 5 Keys». more ...