Fundamentally our philosophy is based on the following principles and values:



«From hard work to heart work»


Companies, leaders and teams can with simple methods, on the axis of «Thinking–Being-able-to–Wanting–Doing», create «with heart» a future that allows participants to grow in a way that makes great achievements possible with fun and ease.



«Pull from the Inside instead of Push from the Outside»


Companies are systems for human growth. It is important to create a lasting concept for the future – one that inspires the participants in such a way that synergetic cooperation improves instead of competition.



«The Bottom Line»


Purpose, mission, vision, values, work-life-balance, social competence and leadership are becoming essential issues in creating sustainable success.



«Transform yourself into your opponent»


This is the secret of success of Miyamoto Musashi, the great Japanese Samurai, swordsman, philosopher and strategy teacher.



«Business Reframing»


Often we don’t get with our work what we wish, but we always get what we choose. Successful decisions imply that we are willing to accept the consequences and, in case of business decisions, to focus accordingly the company’s action plans. Business Reframing stands for this reorientation.



«Identification comes from Appreciation»


High profits and sustainable success are generated only where the employees being at the lowest level identify most with the company. Identification but depends on the received appreciation.


For those who are at the «bottom»:

  • serve the customer who pays the wages;
  • handle the product by which everyone lives;
  • sell it and «bring» the turnover.

All the others are only handling with papers and words.


«In all labour there is profit, but the talk of the lips bringeth only penury.»