Problem Solutions

Together with you we analyze the needs and develop tailored solutions with best-possible client benefits and added values.

  • Are your sales stagnating or your decision-making processes too long?
  • Are your overhead costs too high or is your market share too low?
  • Are your products no longer according to the market needs or is the capital available too low?
  • Is the growth stagnant, the profit not satisfactory or the competitiveness insufficient?
  • Or is your money not safely enough placed?

Problems are problems, recognized problems are opportunities.

These opportunities must be seized!


Due to our long-term experience and vast know-how we have learned to deal with problems and to develop appropriate solutions with high benefits. In many cases we were able to help solving the problems and to turn them into opportunities. We are not doing this selectively, but rather in the interest of a sustainable Business Excellence.


Sustainable, tailored, market- and practice-oriented Problem Solutions with convincing, relevant as well as verifiable and measurable Client Benefits and Added Values are always highest priority to us.


By every occurring problem all aspects and sectors have to be considered and taken into the problem-solving process. Thus, and because they are interrelated anyway, all the different domains could be enlisted by all of the following problems. However, in each case only the topics that are to be assessed and treated as top priority are mentioned.


Capital available is not sufficient – increase capital available


Capital employed is too high – reduce capital employed


Capital reserves are not safe enough – safe capital investment


Competitiveness is insufficient – increase competitiveness


Complaints are too numerous – reduce complaints


Customer fluctuation is too high – increase customer loyalty


Decision-making processes are too slow – optimize decision-making processes


Departments are too expensive


Growth is stagnant or decreasing – increase growth


Image and reputation have decreased – improve Image and reputation


Location is not optimal


Market share is too low – increase market share


Order volume has decreased – generate more orders or bookings


Overhead costs are too high – reduce overheads


Over-indebtedness is given


Personnel costs (personnel costs ratio) are too high – optimize personnel costs ratio


Personnel turnover is too high – improve employee loyalty


Personnel is overburdened – relieve personnel


Personnel quality is not satisfactory – improve personnel quality


Processes are too long and complicated – optimize processes


Products are no longer according to the market needs – improve product range


Profit is not satisfactory – increase profit


Repurchase ratio is too low – improve repurchase ratio


Sales are stagnant or decreasing – increase sales


Succession is not settled – settle the succession


Turnover is stagnant or decreasing – increase turnover