What our Clients say about Gecon

«They provide us with important inspiration and make a major contribution to a more flexible and agile strategy, to optimized market treatment, organization, structures and processes, to leadership with «head, heart and gut». But also with values and targets in order to optimize the composition of the governance bodies and to improve the performance on all levels. They also help us finding the right decisions and implementing them, or they successfully and with the needed social skills carry out the implementation by themselves. Their true strength but derives from their longstanding experience, from being able to connect in an optimum way and to successfully complete all the for the clients, market conditions and needs crucial elements.»

Luigi De Rubertis, Owner & CEO IBG Holding


Below the logos of the clients we were so far active for are listed. The list is not exhaustive. Public administrations, governmental organizations and offices both in Switzerland and abroad are not listed.