Corporate Services

Be it for succession planning, the purchase, sale, foundation, dissolution, merger or demerger of a Swiss legal entity, expertises or analyses or simply a business plan, also here we have a lot to offer.



Your Stock Corporation in Switzerland


The Swiss stock corporation (AG/SA) has become indispensable for today’s Swiss economic environment. In Switzerland it is the most common and important company form enjoying the highest reputation. The «AG/SA» is a stock corporation in which the stock capital is divided into shares. A buyer or holder of a Swiss stock corporation is protected by a trusted legal system and enjoys also of a high independence. In case the company shall go public one day, the «AG/SA» is the only right company form.


You would like to buy, found, demerge or sell a Swiss stock corporation or to merge or consolidate companies? This has never been as demanding as today. A reliable companion who advises you thoroughly is all the more valuable. A companion like gecon.


Again and again companies find themselves in extraordinary situations. The successful establishment, a healthy growth and the sustainable securing of companies require professional concepts and the continuous provision of sufficient liquidity. Through our many years of experience we know the complexity of the tasks and develop for you tailored solutions.



Our Corporate Services

  • Acquisition, sale, foundation, dissolution, merger or demerger of legal entities
  • Assessments, evaluations, expertises and analyses
  • Budgets and controlling
  • Business plans
  • Continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Contracts and agreements of every kind such as cooperation, easement, financial, loan, management, service level and shareholder agreements etc.
  • Due Diligence regulations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Foundation, management and dissolution of rescue companies
  • Implementations
  • Interim management (temporary management, management on time)
  • Management buy-out and management buy-in
  • Problem solutions and initiatives (milestones, activities, measures)
  • Succession planning
  • Sustainability reports
  • Sustainable Balanced Scorecards (SBSC)



Resulting Client Benefits

  • You have a reliable, competent and experienced partner for the fulfilment of these complex tasks.