Growth and especially sustainable growth is of utmost importance for the long-term success of your company. Thereby it is not just a matter of «more and more» as so often presumed by many sides, but primarily of compensation for inflation and competitiveness.


In business-related growth it is important to distinguish between nominal and real growth, absolute and relative growth (e.g. in relation to the previous year) as well as qualitative growth.

Nominal growth measures the generated added value on market prices, so that changing market prices by inflation or deflation lead to an increase or decrease of growth.

Real growth, however, refers to the development of earnings in relation to inflation/deflation, measuring in fact the real performance development of the company.

Qualitative growth is defined as growth according to the principles of sustainability. The growth shall not be achieved by impact on the environment, but by the increased use of renewable resources and thus reduced environmental impact and less consumption of limited natural resources.


Both real and qualitative growth but are dependent on the image and reputation as well as the culture, philosophy and strategy of a company, and these in turn on the quality especially of the employees (including management and supervisory board), the customers, processes and the offered products and services.


With our «Way» and the implementation of our «5 Keys» we care for the optimization of the quality in all areas, and finally for Business Excellence and sustainable growth, real profit increase, higher company value as well as long-term existence of your company.